May 30, 2006

Memorial Weekend

Here's my Memorial Weekend in an easy to read nutshell.

after work, saw X-Men III. Drove 165 miles north to Nimrod, MN.

Woke up at 11. Peed outside. Ate lunch at local bar. Saw local, outdoor baseball (Nimrod Gnats - we won). Drank beer. Rode horse. Drank beer. Nap. Peed outside. Internet/email. Drank beer. Watched "Cinderella Man" with mom. Drank beer. Star-gazing. Peed outside. Sleep.

Played in bell choir at church - it was perfect. Nap. Went to Lake Itasca for the afternoon. Walked across the Mississippi River. Ate Walleye. Came home, drank beer. Internet. Nap. Peed outside. Internet/email. Drank beer. Watched "Crash" with Mom. Drank beer. Peed outside.

Lazy lazy lazy. Played with dog. Watched "Sideways" with Dad. Internet. Explored forest/peed outside. Played cribbage. Sat on ass. Watched ants carry a baby snake across the driveway for a couple of hours/drank beer/internet. Came home. Internet/email. Watched "The Motorcyle Diaries." Bed.

And Drewbacca looked upon what he had accomplished and said, "It is good."

~ Drewbacca

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