April 29, 2008

Fuck it Dude, Let's Go Bowling

     Granted it's been about 15 months since I last picked up my bowling ball; but here are my scores from last night:

Game 1: 162
Game 2: 158
Game 3: 161

Fairly consistent I'd say. I got a spare on 90% of my frames, but could barely get a strike. It really started to piss me off. Perhaps laying off the beer and Jag would've helped.

As a side note, unbeknownst to me I was inadvertently trying out for a league. Apparently I've "made" the team and can join up in September if I want the job. I may take them up on it. I've been looking forward to taking on the Jesus and Walter in league play (although I have no fire arms) - I do quite enjoy the white russians.

My previous league bowling average back in college was 181. I'll keep all two of you readers posted on my progress.

April 28, 2008

Biggest Loser: Week 2

     Despite drinking beer and hitting up a huge party on Saturday with boatloads of food (including ginormous cupcakes and Coney Island hot dogs), I've managed to keep the same weight from last week. So I didn't lose anything, but at least I didn't gain. I'm still in the running. Only three and a half months to go.

April 27, 2008

Feel Free to Browse

     So I've been experimenting with a few different web browsers over the past couple of months. I got tired of IE and realized that although they've made some improvements, it just isn't as good as some others.

A very cool looking one you might not have heard of is called Space Time. A co-worker showed it to me and I played with it for about an hour before I realized it's pointless. It's "tabs" that it opens are actually separate windows all on the same screen that you can slide around and shuffle through. Kind of like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. It looks really cool but that's about it. Otherwise it's slow and hardly has any good features. If they can really tweak the hell out of it I may come back for version 2.0.

Then there was Opera. Basically a good little browser that is quick and manageable. Ultimately though, it was nothing special.

Then came Flock. I've been using Flock for about the past month and really loving it. It's still in its infancy, but the social skills are unparalleled. For those of you that utilize web 2.0, this thing kicks all sorts of ass. With sidescreens for saving images, auto-detecting media streams and RSS feeds, a social networking tool called Me.dium (allows you to track your friends and they can track and follow you as you surf around the web and chat together) and blog editor built right in, this thing is awesomeness for social networking hounds. But as I said, it's still in its infancy and has a few bugs. Just upgrading to version 1.2, things started to get sticky. It wouldn't load a couple of my sites very well and it is easily the slowest of all the browsers I used. I'm an impatient person when it comes to the net, so I just couldn't stomach it anymore. But it's one to watch in the future.

Finally I've settled on Safari over the weekend. As much as I hate to use an Apple product and prove all those self-righteous, Apple "community" lovers right, I gotta admit: Safari is a nice browser. First and foremost: it's fast. That's my number one concern and this thing is lightning quick. Second, I really like the default font - I can't figure out what it is or find it on the other browsers - I'm sure it's there, I'm just a retard sometimes. And lastly, it's very simple. Actually, almost too simple. The tool bar on top is easily customizable, but it's very bland and until you get used to exactly where things (buttons) are, they all sort of blend together. But otherwise, I'm liking it quite a bit. I also like the ease of managing my usernames and passwords for various sites that Safari provides.

So for now, I'm sticking with Safari with the occasional Flock use for checking all my RSS feeds. Hope you've enjoyed reading this fascinating post; whatever browser you're using.

April 24, 2008

Pizza Tracker

     We aren't really big fans of Domino's Pizza. But today for lunch, we decided to destroy any chance of us winning the biggest loser contest with some cheap pizza.

Anyway, we got a coupon for online ordering only and subsequently placed our order. After placing the order, Domino's directed us over to their patented "Pizza Tracker." It gives us the name of the guy preparing the pizza (Reid, in this case) and the name of the delivery driver (Howard). On top of this, we're able to follow the pizza from conception to arrival. It's pretty kick-ass (well, it's something to keep us occupied at work while waiting for the pizza, at any rate).

I've included a couple of screen shots of our order below. I may order from Doms again; just to utilize the pizza tracker. Click on either image for the big version...

April 21, 2008

Biggest Loser: Week 1

     Here at my job, we play an annual game of "The Biggest Loser." At the end of week one I am down 2 lbs. I am not the biggest loser this week, but that's only because I had a lot of fatty foods still stored in my cupboard I had to eliminate. Now that those are gone, I can focus all my attention on fruit and vegetables.... and the occasional beer.

April 17, 2008

Pet Peave of the Day Vol XIV

     Excessive number of keychains attached to a set of keys. Seriously. You have three keys. Why do you have them all on separate rings linked together with a pewter sculpture of the Eiffel Tower, a plastic photo of Harry Potter, a quirky, yet annoyingly unfunny anecdote about being a woman and two koosh balls with a belt clip? This is overkill and incredibly annoying. Not to mention, not very good for your ignition switch.

April 16, 2008

Check it Out

     More stores should have self service check-out aisles. This is assuming of course that they can also cut back, ratio-wise, on the number stupid of people using them.


April 03, 2008

Sue Me For What?

     First time for everything. I had legal action threatened against me and my colleagues at RowThree today for posting a movie trailer. I said "posting", not "hosting." The dialogue went something like this:

RowThree: Paragraphs praising how great the movie looks and how much we like Bob Hoskins, etc..

Comment #1: Please remove this video link. This video is not permitted and legal action is being taken against the person who originally uploaded it. I therefore suggest you do the same if not Target the distribution company will be in touch. I know you will understand. Thanks

Editor of the film ‘Ruby Blue’

Comment #2: Please remove this video file of Ruby Blue or I will have to inform Target Entertainment of your website who will then take legal action.

Elaine Wickham

Me: It’s a myspace video. Have them remove it.
God forbid anyone should help promote your film.
PS - The film looks beautiful and awesomely shot. Looking forward to it.


Then we wrote a nice long letter to the producer ostensibly telling them to eat shit.

I'll keep you posted. Use the link above to follow the story and see the trailer.

UPDATE: After a couple of days, the producers (not surprisingly) backed down as they no legs to stand on. Not only did they take back their legal action threat and decided to go after the real culprits (MySpace), but they offered us a whole bunch of free shit. Awesome.