October 11, 2007

Cease to Begin

     Bought my first physical CD today that I have bought in... 3 years? Maybe 4. Since I discovered illegal downloading and iTunes, I've had no need to spend extra money on a disc that will sit on a shelf and never be touched. that changed today when I decided to purchase the sophmore effort to my favorite band of 2006, "Band of Horses."

The new record is called "Cease to Begin." Actually I did download a pirated copy some months back, but now that it is available for purchase, I am making up for it by contributing a few of my hard earned dollars to purchase their art and support them for real. I already have tickets to their show in November as well.

In a related story, Radiohead is allowing fans to download their newest album, "In Rainbows," from their website for whatever price they see fit - free if you have no ethics (or hate the album). I'll probably chip in a few buck to get this eventually.

October 06, 2007

What is it with Blogs?

     Why is every web site out there now a blog? No offense, but learn some HTML and create something new and different. I realize blogs are easy and you can have your own personal little diary or whatever and I think that's great. But as I look around at some major companies and information sites, all they are is blogs blogs blogs. A bunch of news related posts that I have to scroll through or search to get the info I need.

     This is lame people. Make a site that is all your own if you're trying to sell something or get information to people in a quick and easy fasion. I put a lot of effort in to my site and when I see some yahoo just copying and pasting stories into his blog and claiming he's a "web master" does nothing but piss me off.

     Here's an example of one such site that actually takes itself seriously and is a true web site; not some trendy blog. It's a groovy site about movies:


October 04, 2007

Pet Peave of the Day Vol. XI

     Caller ringback tones. No one wants to listen to your crappy music while trying to call you. It sounds like I'm on hold for a drug dealer with a distorted, mono verison of the latest Chingy "song" blasting in my ear.