November 27, 2004

Halo 2 re-View

     I pre-ordered, I waited in line, I got my copy, I registered for Xbox live, I took a day off work, I then played all night. I was disappointed.
     First off, the campaign mode on Halo 2 is way too short, and not as cool as the first Halo. Sure you don't have to repeat a few levels just going backwards, but there's something just not the same about it. Not to mention, the end sucks. It was a major cliff-hanger, and I was surprised when I got to the end. I couldn't believe it was over already. This is nit-picking though, because the game is still definitely fun. My major complaint is the multi-player on-line mode.
     Until you have a friend base built up, you are forced to be thrown into whatever game mode the computer gives you. Plus, 9 times out of 10, it is a two round, capture the flag match at 3 minutes each. And I don't want to play carry the skull for 2 minutes. I want to sit down with a good bunch of players for a good hour and play one long team slayer frag-fest. This never happens. It is SO dumb. I can't believe this is the best that Bungie could com up with after almost 4 years in development.
     After a few days things started to get better. I started to build a friend base, and was able to create my own matches. The problem is this: it is difficult to find friends that are A) good enough - B) not too good - C) are not complete idiots - and D) happen to be online at the same time you are. There are very few people (out of about 313,000 registered unique players) who meet all of these least for me. So on any given afternoon or evening, I may get lucky and be able to play a fun game of Halo, or I might sit there for 2 hours waiting for cool people to sign-on and/or start something cool.
     Having said all that, Halo 2 kicks ass! The multi-palyer boards are amazingly well designed pieces of excitement. The 2 levels from the original Halo have been tweaked to add that little extra something, and there are more weapons and vehicles than before. Already one new multi-player level has been added for download, and I know more are on the way. There are rumors of more original Halo levels being added soon. The server speed is great. Lag time is minimal. Of course the occasional cut-off happens, but it is rare, and usually short-lived, and you are always placed back into the game right where you left off. The headset is a plus as I am able to conspire with teammates, as well as trash-talk the poor fallen bastards that I have slain.
     You are able to customize the look of your player, and everyone has there own specially designed icon, as to identify them from "far away." Every player is ranked according to his/her accomplishments and skill level.
     One really nice thing I hadn't expected, is the web site. It keeps track of everything for you....EVERYTHING. I recently linked my gamer tag (Drewbacca) to the website, and it now shows me the following stats:
  • every on-line match I've ever played in (so far about 375)
  • board, time of day, type of game
  • kills, deaths, assists, medals, and a lot more for EVERY MATCH!
  • detailed maps of where and who killed me and from which direction and what weapon they used
  • detailed maps of where and who I killed and from which direction and what weapon I used
  • zoom in on certain areas of the map for more info

The list goes on and on of what they keep track of. It's almost kind of scary.

Anyway, I gotta get back to playing now. See you on-line!

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November 23, 2004

Soundtrack to My Life

     My original idea, tonight, was to create my own celebrity playlist. On the iTunes music store, several movie stars and other musical artists create their own mixes for you to purchase. Each of them have different criteria for their playlist, and after spending about 15 minutes working on my own playlist, I realized that this task is next to impossible, and I too must implement some criteria. There are far too many great songs in my life that it would be a complete travesty to exclude a single one. So here are a few constraints I put on myself. Some of them are ridiculous, but I had no choice in order to narrow this list down.

-These are songs from my life. Anything recorded before my birth is off limits.
-I have removed several genres from the list (Jazz, Country, Opera) - which hurts
-I must personally own a copy of the recorded song
-With a couple of exceptions, I have been familiar with these songs or artists for at least 5 years

The first rule will be the hardest to abide by (no Dylan, Beatles, Marley, etc...), but I will do my best. It will be hard not to include any Zep, but a rule's a rule.

This song-list is by no means the best each artist has to offer necesarily. These are songs that mean something to me for one reason or another, they are my favorite, or they just simply rock and make me feel good (or bad or emotional in one way or another). Some are must-haves for all, some are little known gems, and some are what they are. Even with the above constraints, I was forced to make a 2-disc set. This is NOT a Top 10 list! I list the name of the song, then the artist, then album, then a brief explanation. I like to call it the soundtrack to my life.

"In a Daydream"    The Freddy Jones Band (Waiting for the Night) - Almost certainly my favorite song of all time. The vocals are clean, the crisp quick strumming of the rhythm guitar, with a soaring sweet whine in the background. The drum beat is quick and tight, and by far the best part of the song being the amazingly fantastic sound of the guitar solo; the best use of a delay pedal ever. The entire song crescendos at the end with a culmination of all these sounds intertwined like a silk rainbow. As cheesy as it sounds, I can turn up this song, close my eyes, and get goosebumps every time. The adrenaline rushes smoothly, and I almost feel like I'm flying, as evidenced by the slight tear drop.

"My Morning Song"     The Black Crowes (The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion) - arguably my favorite album of all time all comes together at the end with this amazing song of how music can truly set your soul free. Gritty and dirty, this southern rock monster brings the entire album to a crescendo ending. It represents all that is the greatness of The Black Crowes. Just from the breakdown at the 3-minute mark to the end, it stands on its own. From Chris' unique "poetry," to Rich's rough riffs with the slide, to Marc's rockin' the frets, to the "phat" gospel singers for back-up, it's another one that makes me shudder with that oh so fresh feeling.

"Surfin' USA"    The Beach Boys (back then they were released as singles) - OK, I broke my first rule right away, but this is probably the song that got me into popular music. My parents played The Beach Boys all the time, and I absorbed it quickly and easily. Several different sounds in this song; including the boys' thick multi-layered vocals. The rich sound of that opening guitar riff sucks you in immediately, and dreams of the hot California beach fill your head. "Tell the teacher we're surfin' "...great line.

"Round Here"     Counting Crows (August & Everything After) - I remember hearing this one on a rainy afternoon in a van coming home from a camping trip. It's just so pretty that I couldn't help listen to the entire album. Since that day, it has become a staple of rainy day albums and easily in my top 5 of all time. The warm guitar sounds and Adam Duritz' voice is so bad its great. With so many great songs, this is the one that really got me hooked.

"Three Days"    Jane's Addiction (Ritual de lo Habitual) - Dark, mysterious, sad, bordering on creepy; it slowly blends into a melodic little ditty, which with one huge power chord traverses into a hard Jane's signature rock song. At over 10 minutes long, it could be my favorite Jane's song. Not for everyone, but anyone who loves the Addiction knows this is a fan favorite. Barely audible in the background through approximately the first 3 minutes is a strange poem being read by Ferrel. Adds a little extra something.

"Taking Us Home"    The Samples (No Room) - With a little reggae mixed with a beach
boy-esqe fun-in-the-sun attitude, The Samples are one of those truly unique sounding bands. Taking Us Home is the final song of one of two albums that encompassed my senior year of high school. Another track from the album was actually my class' graduation song. It must be heard to be understood and appreciated. An absolute must album for cruising the lakes of Minneapolis in the heat of summer when I was 18. With one of my favorite drummers ever, it's simply just a great tune, and I ended many mixes with "Taking Us Home."

"Pass the Mic"    The Beastie Boys (Check Your Head) - Bringing out a new sound that ultimately became their signature, The Beastie Boys brought down the proverbial house with this kick-ass beat, deep gangsta bass, turnin-the-tables, rhyme scheme. After a successful preceding album, they finally had the money to do what they wanted, without the "rules" from the record company. It shows in this fun album that broke boundaries in the hip-hop world. Just the fact that I generally can't stand the hip-hop genre, and this is the only song on my list from that genre says boatloads about this song, album, and artist. Word!

"Life Loves a Tragedy"     Poison (Flesh & Blood) - If you're done laughing, I had to include a Posion song in this list. Poison got me through junior high. Easily the worst and most difficult time in my life. Everybody's heard the radio hits from Poison; like "Every Rose has its Thorn," "Talk Dirty to Me," etc.. But I wanted to include a lesser known song that is actually really good, and that I can still sit down and enjoy. Another good one is "Ride the Wind" (if you know where to look I'm in the video). But I chose this one because it reminds me of tough times, and how I felt so much better after ingesting a little Poison.

"Pour Some Sugar on Me"     Def Leppard (Hysteria) - Easily the best hair band album of all time that went I don't know how many times platinum. One of those rare albums in which every song is great. Catchy, melodic, flowing, rockin, everything that was the 80's was epitomized in Hysteria, and "Sugar" epitomized the album. Turn it up to 10 and rip the knob off as MTV would say. I could never get enough of this song. It was also the only thing that made "Coyote Ugly" worth seeing (well, almost the only thing). All of this done with only one arm on drums... simply stunning.

"Shot Shot"    Gomez (In Our Gun) - Nothing overly special really. Just a great band that has changed me musically recently. I started listening to these guys about 3 years ago, (rule break #2...sorry) and really got into them within the last year or so after seeing them live. They have easily been my favorite band of the past year, and I have been listening to them constantly. I'm upset that this particular song recently appeared in a car commercial, but hey, we all gotta pay the rent. Fantastic band with a unique and melodic sound of various instruments and electronic usage. Two distinct vocal leaders converge to create UK harmony of the sweetest kind. Check this out if you're tired of the same old same old.

"Grace, Too"    The Tragically Hip (Day for Night) - The best thing to ever come down the pipe from Canadasince LaBatts. I can't say enough about the enormity of this band. Gord Downie's vocals are on par with Bono. The lyrics (I usually could care less) could be the equivalent of a bible for a world religion they are so stunning and unique. Straight up power chords, with killer bass riffs and these amazing vocals will astound you. I admit it took me a while to warm up to these guys, but I honestly don't know what took me so long. They almost single handedly burst First Avenue into flames they were so warm. Literally. It was almost 400 degrees kelvin in that place, and everyone was moving. "Grace, Too" would easily be on my top ten list of track #1's.

"Fields of Gold"     Sting (Ten Summoner's Tales) - Soft and smooth. Sting is the man. Everything he sings is easy to picture in your head, and it is all good. Once named sexiest man alive by People magazine, Sting shows why through his music. Great make-out song, but you have to be on a hand-sewn quilt out in a field with the sun slightly down in the horizon. An easy 70 degrees, and small bundles of cotton from the cotton trees are floating around aimlessly, and in the distance, a loon calls from the nearby lake. All of this goes through my mind only from about 10 seconds of this song.

"Thriller"   Michael Jackson (Thriller) - Regardless of how you feel about MJ, this album set the bar for pop music. Still #1 in sales, it is considered to be the greatest album of all time by many people. The video is still easily the best ever, and the song is what it is: a masterpiece. Oow!

"Bouncin' Round the Room"    Phish (Lawn Boy) - Although I originally heard this song on their "A Live One" (obviously live) album, it was what originally got me into the only jam band I still really love...Phish. The name alone demands respect. I chose this song cause it's an earlier tune that showcases all of the bands strengths. The sweet melodies they are capable of, their dynamic sound, and their obvious devotion and creative intuitivness that makes them what they are... astounding. Although I recommend the live version of this song (and all of Phish's songs for that matter), this is a personal favorite, and like I said, it was what originally showed me their sound and appeal.

"November Rain"    Guns n' Roses (Use Your Illusion vol. I) - Though there are so many great GnR songs, I chose this one for it's difference. The true bad boys of rock tone it down a notch to create what I think, is the most beautiful hard rock song ever. Examine: the strangely well done piano work of Rose, the full symphony orchestra highlighted by the flute soloist. A beautiful choir providing back-up. And quite possibly my favorite guitar solo of all time. Slash literally makes his guitar sound as though it is weeping. The tones are so magnificently ear-soothing that I can hardly describe it with words. It is sheer emotion pouring out of my speakers. I can't listen to this song in my car, because I can't help but close my eyes to enjoy the pure energy that I derive from this song. Power chords, an orchestrated score worthy of a Spielberg film, and that devilishly sad and angry ending. Without this song, I doubt the Use Your Illusion albums would have done half as well as they did. Another masterpiece.

"Comfortably Numb"    Pink Floyd (The Wall) - This is my favorite band of all time. There isn't a song I like the most, so I just picked the most obvious. One of the things that I like best about Pink Floyd is the arangement of so many of their songs. They start a tune with darkness, dread, even discombobulation. Just when you think you're not really into the song, and are about to switch CDs or change the radio station, they break loose with this nothing short of amazing, melodic chorus that literally sweeps the crowd off their collective feet. Comfortably Numb is no exception. When those violins kick in, you know you're in for something special. Although "The Wall" is easily one of my favorite albums of all time, I recommend hearing this song on one of their live albums like "Delicate Sound of Thunder" or "Pulse." Did I mention David Gimour's guitar sound? No? Well, let me mention it. David Gilmour's solo in this song is one of his best. I would kiss the man's feet in exchange for the pleasure of hearing only 1 minute of his live performance. P.S. I'd love to include "Echoes," but it's so long, it would take up the whole CD.

"Ants Marching"    Dave Matthews Band (Under the Table and Dreaming) - The DMB is one of my top 5 bands of all time. At their concerts, I was always pissed at the stupid teenie-bopper girls for yelling "play Ants Marching!" We all knew it was their signature song and they would play it at the end, but secretly, I wanted to hear it too. Anyway, I was introduced to these guys my first year at college. The drummer quickly became my hero. If I'm not mistaken, it was the first band that I truly loved that didn't include an electric guitar, but did include a fiddle player. I would play this song four or more times in a row driving back and forth from college to home (to steal food) and sing til my throat hurt. This is only one of two really big bands that I've seen live multiple times. Although there are many great songs by DMB, this is their signature song, and the track I always went to first.

"Mayonaise"     Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream) - Mayonaise shows what The Smashing Pumpkins are all about. Distortion free guitar picking intros, then their awesomely mixed to perfection distortion-laden power chords slammed at you just at the right moment. Possibly the coolest use of feedback ever, and another one of my favorite drummers. I can never pick my favorite song on this album, but Mayonaise is always part of the silent discussion in my head. Again, if you don't own this album, you're sick. But don't worry, just call me and I'll cure you by sending you a copy. I've made back-ups.

"Pride (In the Name of Love)"     U2 (Rattle & Hum) - Uh... it's U2 silly. Of course they're on the list. I can't say much more. Bono rocks. Hear the music we all know in your head and let's remember this piece of greatness:

"One man caught on a barbed wire fence, one man he resists...
One man washed on an empty beach, one man betrayed with a kiss...
In the name of love

Early morning, April four, shot rings out in the Memphis sky...
Free at last! The took your life, they could not take your pride...

In the name of love...."

"Alive"    Pearl Jam (Ten) - The other aforementioned album that helped make my senior year. To hell with over-rated Nirvana. They don't even compare. In my mind, it was Pearl Jam that brought out everyhting that was good about the seattle sound. A truly original sound that helped bring the world up from its knees of the soul-lessness of which we now call hairband rock. I won't prattle, cause everyone knows this song. That's why it's here. It charges me up still, and everyone loves it. If you don't own this album, I don't know you.

"Fade into You"     Mazzy Star (So Tonight that I Might See) - Hauntingly beautiful and soft. Helped me sleep soundly many a cold winter night. Slightly goth without the edge, almost a whisper of a song. Just a strumming acoustic guitar, a tamborine beat, and the occasional sighing slide guitar in the background. The title really emphasizes the feel of the song. It something different that I can listen to curled up in bed at night.

"Eat It"    "Weird" Al Yankovic (In 3-D) - A parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It," I hesitated to include it in the list, but I own 9 of Al's albums for a reason. The man is simply a genius. He may not be "cool," but he makes more money than anyone reading this blog, and he probably has more fun at his job than you too. Without words, you'd never be able to tell the difference between the original and Al's parodies. The lyrics are hilarious, and only a genius could come up with them. Unbeknownst to many, half of his albums are all original songs that Al wrote himself. His concerts are a full production. Costumes, dancers, even a hearing impaired sign language interpreter. To top it off, he's earned 2 grammy's and 8 nominations (not easy to come by). Notoriously, most geniuses are also insane, and fortunately Al is no exception.

"Scenes From An Italian Restaurant"     Billy Joel (The Stranger) - Arguably the best Billy Joel album, this song showcases Joel's amazing ability on the keys, and gives off an Italian red wine aroma. With the use of an accordian to give it that mama mia sound. Which then gives way for a rag-time romp complete with the trombone and clarinet. The song also tells a great story. Winds down with the same arrangement as the beginning. My favorite song from a living legend. Saw him with Elton John. I was expecting a lot form John, but Billy blew him away. Doing backflips off of a grand-piano at age 50 is pretty impressive.

"Flutes of Chi"    Ween (White Pepper) - This is not for everybody, but the first time I heard Ween I was hooked. This album made my summer that year, and "Flutes of Chi" is one of the best. You either love em or hate em. Even if you love 'em, not all their songs are great. But there are many that are. It's a tough band to explain. Weird, psychodelic, sometimes bright, sometimes nonsensical, sometimes, poppy, sometimes heavy metal, sometimes country, always entertaining.

"For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)"     AC/DC (Who Made Who) - Although they definitely went down-hill after Bon Scott died, this is a band that truly rocks. No friggin make-up. No big hair. Just straight up old-school, raw rock n roll that really kicks large amounts of ass. I actually considered buying some Coors light just because this song was in the commercial. I've recently rekindled my relationship with AC/DC, and I've realized what I've been missing for years. The scratchier, Australian Robert Plant voice adds so much to the lost art of hard-rock ass-kicking. "Stand up and be counted. For what you are about to receive!"

Well, that's it. I love feedback, but ripping me apart would suck because these kinds of things are very difficult to put together. It's all opinion anyway. Again, there are so many songs that are "better" than many of these, but many of these are situational in nature and depend on mood. When I'm not so tired, I will provide links to download these songs later.

Keep on rockin' in the free world!

November 22, 2004

State of the NBA

Here's my three cents:

     Dammit Ron! Now I have to find another #2 forward for my fantasy basketball team. Thanks for nothing! You already cost me one week's victory for sitting down because you're too tired after those grueling four games of 35 minutes each. Not to mention you're fantastic CD that is coming out must really keep you busy. Now I have to rely on Rasheed Wallace as my #2 forward. If I had money to buy some beer, I would drink it first, then pee in the empty cup, then throw it at you.

November 17, 2004

A New Precedent Has Been Set!

     From now on, this blog will ONLY be about movies and entertainment, or maybe the occasional random thing. I've said this before, but this time I mean it! My new blog on Politics and world views can be found at the following address...bookmark it today!!

Kudos Where Kudos Are Due

     I can't believe it! Ed Schultz of Scaire America radio actually defended and stood behind the soldier who was captured on video shooting an "unarmed" Iraqi insurgent. [By the way, what's with this "insurgent" business? Let's call them what they are - terrorists.] Anyway, I was stunned that a ultra-liberal radio talk show host would not use this latest story as ammo against a war he doesn't believe in. Unlike CBS news, Ed reported the story, then pointed out that supposedly injured or dead terrorists in recent days have suddenly exploded just as American troops approached to medi-vac them out of the area. He also pointed out that terrorists wave a white flag then open fire on our soldiers walking towards them to apprehend them. Now, this story needs further investigation, but I applaud Schultz for realizing what kind of "people" we are fighting and that this soldier may very well have done the right thing in exterminating the wounded man on sight.
     Support of our troops is a must. For or against this war, our young men and women are risking, and in some cases sacrificing, their lives for this war. I think most sane people do support them, but many are attacking this young man who did the same thing many of us would have done in the same situatiuon. Understanding what is going on over there is the first step in standing behind these brave people, who are doing something I'm sure I would not have the balls to be doing.
Not to mention, Margaret Hassan was shot in the head yesterday or the day before, and many people ignore this story and verbally attack our soldier, not the animals who shot this good woman in the head. Crazy liberals actually defend these men by saying that they are just doing the same thing we are doing, but on a much smaller scale. Comparing our troops to terrorists makes me angry and ill, and I think we should send the hosts of "Unfiltered" of Scaire America radio to Mosul, and see if we're doing the same thing the terrorists are.

November 16, 2004

Quote of the Week

     "You can't.....expect people that have jobs and have to go to class and have kids, to be at the polls. You know, we can go, but they can't be waiting on line for ten hours, six- I mean, that's crazy! It should be a day off, you know. It should on the weekend." [crowd applauds]
           -Susan Sarandon on "Real Time with Bill Maher" (episode 43)

     I know many people with kids and have to work or go to school. They all managed to vote if they wanted to. It is illegal for a job to keep you away from the polls, and most people know this. Stop whining Susan! You got the voter turn-out that you wanted. You're just surprised and disappointed that those voters didn't agree with you.

November 12, 2004

Am I Missing Something?

     Media outlets last night were breathlessly covering Yasser Arafat's death and funeral. Wasn't yesterday Veteran's Day? Shouldn't we have been talking about the sacrfices our veterans have made for us in the past and presently? No. Instead we cover the terrorist...oops I mean Palestinian leader's funeral with tears in our eyes. If I'm wrong about this, drop me a line; but I'm pretty sure Arafat was a known terrorist or at the very least aided and encouraged terrorism throughout his reign of power. We can't air "Saving Private Ryan" because it's too brutal and too realistic of what great Americans had to go through in the fight for freedom, but we can clebrate the life and times of Yasser Arafat? In the words of Forrest Gump: "That's all I have to say about that."

November 08, 2004

You Have Got to Be Kidding

     First Bill Maher makes a few jokes about it, then I hear Maureen Dowd (of NYT fame) seriously suggest that California and New York, and some other "blue" states secede from the United States to form their own democratic country. Fox News shows a cartoon of all the blue states (which by the way were almost completely red except for the one big city) merging with Canada and calling themselves the United Canadian States, while the red states "new" country would be called Land of Jesus. Last night some political analyst (I was too pissed to remember his name) on CNN also suggested the "very real possibility" of some states seceding from our union. I looked this up on the "internets" and found others who share this thought, including Llewelly Rockwell of World Net Daily and I realize that Maher was just joking, but these other examples of people speaking of succession are dead serious. has announced that on an average day, the Canadian immigration website gets an average of about 30,000 hits per day. On Wednesday, November 3rd, they got close to 120,000. So, people are at least toying with the notion of leaving for Canada.
     First off, I would say this. Of course succesion by a state probably will never happen. These are whackos who just happen to have the power to speak their minds within the national media. Also, the interviewer in both these cases jumped on the people very condecendingly, asking if they were serious. Second, Buck up surfer dudes! Is the country really that bad? Then I got to thinking about it. Would it really be that bad if California left this great nation?
     Well, it would suck to lose Hollywood and lots of movies that help keep our economy going and entertain me mucho. But other than that, think about it. If California was gone, we wouldn't have to worry about their major pollution problems. Rolling blackouts would be a thing of the past. The constant forest fires would no longer take a toll on our emergency services. The cost of fighting these fires are enormous. Ooo ooo....earthquakes! No more earthquakes! Hooray! Let's see, oh yes, the official number of immigrants working illegally in this country would drop by about 90%. The social security issue would almost be a non-existant problem anymore. All the billions of dollars Californians have paid into social security would not have to be paid to them now. It would all go to us! So as I look back on things, my first response is to get pissed that someone would actually want to leave our great country, but then I realized...Hey! More for me if you leave, so good riddance California!

November 06, 2004


     I probably won't have much time to do any blogging in the near future. As of Tuesday, I will be far too busy playing

My copy of Halo 2 has already been reserved, paid for, and I am set-up on-line for multi-player. Check out the following site for great previews and walkthroughs, interviews, and explanations:
Aftre you get to the site, scroll down past the screenshots to get to the videos. Trust me, if you're a Halo fan, you'll love it. Just enough to quench your thirst until Tuesday (or Monday at midnight).

November 05, 2004

I'm So Sick of Kandi

     For the life of me, I can't figure out why Michael Olowakandi is in the NBA. He is nothing but a disease that corrodes everything good Kevin Garnet does for us, and is slowly infecting the rest of the team. I thought that maybe Phil Saunders would have this figured out based on last season's (especially the play-offs) performance; appartently not. Everytime Kandi's hands touch the ball, they leave a stain of dispair. He tries to be KG and winds up playing like me.
     He bobbles dribbles almost everytime he puts the ball on the floor. When this happens, about 50% of the time he turns the ball over. He misses his hook shot everytime, and his fouls are so light, that I swear they actually help the offense put the ball in the bucket for an "and one" play. On the court, he has about as much enthusiasm as an anteater in a bubble gum factory. PLEASE coach Saunders...I beg of you, have mercy on the fans... start someone else. Keep Olowakandi off the court at all costs! Watch Madsen's ferocity on the court! Are you blind!? He has heart, he has hussle, and best of all he is not Michael Olowakandi!!!!

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His stats are very misleading. Watch him play, it will make you physically ill.

November 04, 2004

The Fat Lady Has Sung...

      Hail to the Chief is what the fat lady is singing. This post will be very very short. I promise. Those of you who read this site regularly know where I stand on most issues, and although I could easily write over 50 pages on my feelings and opinions of the events of the last year leading up to yesterday, I won't. Instead, I'll sum it all up by saying this: