December 31, 2007

December 19, 2007

Top 3 Things About "We Are the World"

3) The first five seconds of the song when you realize... "Hey! We Are the World is on!"

2) Cyndi Lauper's "yeah yeah yeah yeaaaah"

1) Stevie Wonder's key changes and sweet rhythms; unlike anyone else's musical improv in the song.


Happy Worms

     The inventor of a worm-driven composting toilet in New Zealand had to prove the worms were not traumatised or stressed by their task before council bureaucrats would approve the system.

Coll Bell, who invented the "wormorator" as an alternative to septic tanks, was told by an Auckland Regional Council staff member to get an expert's report on the psychological impact on the worms after she became concerned during a site visit.

"She felt that the worms were being unfairly treated, being expected to deal with human faeces, and that it could affect them in a psychological way," says Bell. "I said, `Well, what do I do about that?' and she said `you have to have someone with the necessary qualifications to say the worms are happy'."

The ARC was satisfied after vermiculture consultant Patricia Naidu reported the worms were in excellent health and breeding happily.

...this continues in the next post about other animal activist bullshit...

Activists are Lame

     It's a scene that brings laughter and cheers from visitors to a Japanese aquarium - two white beluga whales wearing Santa hats.

The beluga whales have been fitted out with the cute Santa hats to entertain the crowds at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise on Yokohama Island.

But environmentalists are saddened by the sight of what they say is the final humiliation for the whale and Greenpeace has labelled the performance as "unfortunate."