December 28, 2006

Attention Cheaters

     This is directed at the group of about 8 people sitting near the window at Champps for movie trivia. You cost me $100 tonight as a result of your chicken-shit reliance on technology and sheer numbers to beat the master of disaster (me). I cannot allow this to continue. Since it is the holidays, my cold heart will allow your insolence to go overlooked. However, as of Thursday, January 4th, this disobedience will be dealt with severely and I can assure you it will not be a pleasant experience. You have been warned.


Attention Citizens of Burnsville

     Your days of fortune and good luck at the weekly, local movie trivia contest are over. I shall claim the title of reigning champion this evening and for all the days to come. Do yourselves a favor and just stay home. Or just pay me the $100 now and I'll stay home. Bow out gracefully or prepare to be destroyed and humiliated. The choice is yours...


December 11, 2006

Happy Winter Solstice

     Here's a great gift for all you secular progressives out there to buy your children this month:



This is Odd

     For now, check this out:

I'll tell you about my trip to the Waterpark of America tomorrow.


December 07, 2006

Weak Hearts on Suvivor

     I think I may have written about this before, but after my nightly news watching, I kept the TV on long enough to catch the beginning of "Survivor" on CBS. Although I didn't watch the whole thing, I just watched the first 20 minutes in which the reward challenge took place.

     The reward for winning this challenge was a great meal along with one loved one who visited each survivor. Before the challenge started, each tribal member got a very quick reunion with their loved one (wife, sister, father, etc.). This is where it gets sad. I don't mean sad like I felt bad, I mean sad like in pathetic.

     Now, I love my family with all my heart, but I gotta be honest; I think I can bare not to see any one of them for 31 days without breaking down and absolutely sobbing nearly uncontrollably as these people did. This includes the traditionally, less emotional men. One guy could hardly stand when he caught a glimpse of his wife. C'mon man, are you kidding me? You can't spend 3 weeks away from your wife without a complete and total break down? Where the hell did your balls go? This goes for all of you; including the women.


I Have No Friends

     Yesterday I sent an email and/or a myspace bulletin to over 70 people asking if they wanted to see "Apocalypto" with me on Friday night and then maybe have a drink or something afterwrads. How many responses did I get?

From a girl in California who said she can't make the 1800 mile trip to join me. I lead a sheltered, lonely, sad, miserable life. Siiiiiigh.


December 05, 2006

Another Caucasion, Gary

     Out of cream? You can still make your white russians with egg nog I just found out. It is extremely good. I am a bloody genius!


December 04, 2006

From CNN:

     Bush met at the White House with Abdul Aziz Hakim, the Shiite leader of the largest bloc in Iraq's parliament.

     Hakim, after what he called a "very clear" meeting earlier with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, told reporters in Arabic that "we have asked for the American forces to stay in Iraq" to enable Iraqi security to deal with terrorists.


December 03, 2006

Ladders Ladders Ladders

     At long last! A list of Rob Peters' favorite ladders. I was thinking of getting a ladder, now I know which one to get! Be sure to read the explanations.

Rob's Ladders


No More Txt Messages

     If anyone cares, you have to stop sending text messages to my cell phone; at least for a while. You see, I dropped a speaker on the phone last weekend and now both the front and interior displays are unreadable. I can answer your call, but I can't read anything. So this also means that unless I know your number by heart or know which speed dial you are, I can't call you back unless you leave me a message.


Movie Patron

December 01, 2006


     I just found out that Fandango charges an extra $1 convenience charge per ticket. Screw that. I'll just show up at the theater 2 minutes earlier and wait in line. No, I'm not cheap. I'm just not gonna bow down to "the man." Out.


Mmmmmm... Caffeine

     Until about two weeks ago, I was drinking about one cup of coffee per week. Usually on a Monday or Wednesday just to get me perked up. I was brought up in a coffee family and was taught to drink coffee the way you're supposed to drink coffee, like your men - black. This is until my stupid boss brought in a brand name coffee creamer every week that tastes like creme brulee; my favorite dessert. Now, I drink about 4 cups of coffee per day because this cream is so damn good. I'm pretty sure this is not good for me.