July 29, 2007

OFC Top 100

     The Online Film Community released their top 100 films of all time today. Here is the list. If you'd like more info on how the list was put together and who the voters were, you can go HERE.

100 Nosferatu (Murnau, 1922)
99 Cinema Paradiso (Tornatore, 1988)
98 On the Waterfront (Kazan, 1954)
97 Blue Velvet (Lynch, 1986)
96 Reservoir Dogs (Tarantino, 1992)
95 His Girl Friday (Hawks, 1940)
94 Lord of the Rings, The: The Return of the King (Jackson, 2003)
93 Toy Story (Lasseter, 1995)
92 Notorious (Hitchcock, 1946)
91 400 Blows, The (Truffaut, 1959)
90 Ghostbusters (Reitman, 1984)

89 8 ½ (Fellini, 1963)
88 Aguirre, the Wrath of God (Herzog, 1972)
87 Leon (Besson, 1994)
86 Touch of Evil (Welles, 1958)
85 Modern Times (Chaplin, 1936)
84 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (Capra, 1939)
83 To Kill a Mockingbird (Mulligan, 1962)
82 Manchurian Candidate, The (Frankenheimer, 1962)
81 Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Cameron, 1992)

80 North by Northwest (Hitchcock, 1959)
79 King Kong (Cooper/Shoedsack, 1933)
78 Manhattan (Allen, 1979)
77 Ed Wood (Burton, 1994)
76 American History X (Kaye, 1998)
75 Maltese Falcon, The (Huston, 1941)
74 Groundhog Day (Ramis, 1993)
73 Conversation, The (Coppola, 1974)
72 Bicycle Thief, The (De Sica, 1948)
71 Graduate, The (Nichols, 1967)

70 Network (Lumet, 1976)
69 Halloween (Carpenter, 1978)
68 Rules of the Game, The (Renoir, 1939)
67 Do the Right Thing (S Lee, 1989)
66 Heat (Mann, 1995)
65 Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring (Jackson, 2001)
64 Aliens (Cameron, 1986)
63 Silence of the Lambs, The (Demme, 1991)
62 Incredibles, The (Bird, 2004)
61 A Clockwork Orange (Kubrick, 1971)

60 Apartment, The (Wilder, 1960)
59 General, The (Keaton/Bruckman, 1927)
58 Passion of Joan of Arc, The (Dreyer, 1928)
57 Unforgiven (Eastwood, 1992)
56 L.A. Confidential (Hanson, 1997)
55 12 Angry Men (Lumet, 1957)
54 Shining, The (Kubrick, 1980)
53 M (Lang, 1931)
52 Memento (Nolan, 2000)
51 Bridge on River Kwai, The (Lean, 1957)

50 Double Indemnity (Wilder, 1944)
49 Big Lebowski, The (J. Coen, 1998)
48 Sunset Blvd. (Wilder, 1950)
47 This is Spinal Tap (Reiner, 1984)
46 Run Lola Run (Tykwer, 1998)
45 Goodfellas (Scorsese, 1990)
44 E.T. (Spielberg, 1982)
43 Singin’ in the Rain (Donen/Kelly, 1952)
42 Searchers, The (Ford, 1956)
41 Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The (Leone, 1966)

40 Raging Bull (Scorsese, 1980)
39 Once Upon a Time in the West (Leone, 1968)
38 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Forman, 1975)
37 Princess Bride, The (Reiner, 1987)
36 Usual Suspects, The (Singer, 1995)
35 Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Gilliam/Jones, 1975)
34 Fight Club (Fincher, 1999)
33 Brazil (Gilliam, 1985)
32 Annie Hall (W. Allen, 1977)
31 Back to the Future (Zemeckis, 1985

30 Die Hard (McTiernan, 1988)
29 Third Man, The (Reed, 1949)
28 Matrix, The (Wachowski/Wachowski, 1999)
27 Wizard of Oz, The (Fleming, 1939)
26 Schindler’s List (Spielberg, 1993)
25 Eternal Sunshine of theSpotless Mind (Gondry, 2004)
24 Lawrence of Arabia (Lean, 1962)
23 Fargo (Joel and Ethan Coen, 1996)
22 It’s a Wonderful Life (Capra, 1946)
21 Apocalypse Now (Coppola, (1979)

20 Seven Samurai (Kurosawa, 1954)
19 Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958)
18 Psycho (Hitchcock, 1960)
17 Rear Window (Hitchcock, 1954)
16 Shawshank Redemption, The (Darabont, 1994)
15 Taxi Driver (Scorsese, 1976)
14 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick, 1968)
13 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Lucas, 1977)
12 Chinatown (Polanski, 1974)
11 Pulp Fiction (Tarantino, 1994)

10 Alien (R. Scott, 1979)
9 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (Kershner, 1980)
8 Godfather Part II, The (Coppola, 1974)
7 Jaws (Spielberg, 1975)
6 Blade Runner (R. Scott, 1982)
5 Casablanca (Curtiz, 1942)
4 Raiders of the Lost Ark (Spielberg, 1981)
3 Dr. Strangelove or: How ILearned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Kubrick, 1964)
2 Citizen Kane (Welles, 1941)
1 Godfather, The (Coppola, 1972)


July 26, 2007

Feeling Generous?

     Since my birthday is coming up, thought you strangers who don't know me might like to be in the mood to give me something for all the years of pleasurable reading you gain through this blog. Well, here it is. "Blade Runner: Final Cut"; an ultimate 5-Disc Super collector's edition DVD:

click for larger image...

Here are the specs for this outrageously awesome gift set:

-Spectacularly restored and remastered from original elements and scanned at 4K resolution.
- Collectible “Deckard Briefcase” packaging.
- Commentary by Ridley Scott
- Commentary by Executive Producer/ Co-Screenwriter Hampton Fancher and Co-Screenwriter David Peoples; Producer Michael Deely and production executive Katherine Haber
- Commentaries by visual futurist Syd Mead; production designer Lawrence G. Paull, art director David L. Snyder and special photographic effects supervisors Douglas Trumbull, Richard Yuricich and David Dryer.
- A feature length documentary revealing all the elements that shaped this hugely influential cinema landmark.
- Three additional versions of the film (1982 Theatrical Version, 1982 International Version, 1992 Directors Cut).
- An “Enhancement Archive” bonus disc of enhanced content.
- The Electric Dreamer: Remembering Philip K. Dick featurette,
- A Sacrificial Sheep: The Novel vs. The Film featurette.
- Philip K. Dick: The Blade Runner Interviews (Audio)
- A "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" Cover Gallery, image galleries
- Featurettes on graphic design and wardrobe and styling
- Screen Tests: Rachel & Pris
- The Light That Burns: Remembering Jordan Cronenweth featurette.
- A Unit Photography Gallery, Deleted & Alternate Scenes, a 1982 Promotional Featurette, trailers and TV spots, a Promoting Dystopia: Rendering the Poster Art feature, a Marketing & Merchandise Gallery, a Deck-A-Rep: The True Nature of Rick Deckard featurette, and a Nexus Generation: Fans & Filmmakers featurette.

Now, besides all this, exclusively to the 5-disc Ultimate Edition:
-T he ultra-rare, near-legendary Workprint version of the film, newly remastered.
- Commentary by Paul M. Sammon, author of Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner
- All Our Variant Futures: From Workprint to Final Cut featurette.
- A unique 5-disc digi-package with handle which is a stylish version of Rick Deckard's own briefcase, in addition each briefcase will be individually numbered and in limited supply.
- Included is a lenticular motion film clip from the original feature, miniature origami unicorn figurine, miniature replica spinner car, some collector's photographs
- A signed personal letter from Sir Ridley Scott.
- Simultaneous HD DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the “Deckard Briefcase” will also be released in numbered, limited quantities. HD DVD and Blu-Ray 5-Disc Digi Packs with collectible slipcase will include all of the UCE content.


July 22, 2007

Pet Peave of the Day Vol VII

     Any store that is out of stock of something that they should not be. Yeah, I'm looking at you Menard's. And I wasn't looking for the crappy Harry Potter book. I'm talking about a $.50 screen for my water faucet. Oh yeah, Home Depot was out too. They tried to trick me into buying the whole kit for $2.99, but I'm not playing that fuckin game.

July 16, 2007

Technology Continues to Amaze

     While working on The OFC's Top 100 Films list, my friend (who lives in Chicago) and I have to enter in buttloads of data into a spreadsheet. Our original plan was to split up the duty, I'll enter half the data at my end, he'd enter his half and then we'd fuse the two documents together piece by piece (which would've taken just as much time it took us to enter the data in the first place).

     Anyway, he sends me the Excel spreadsheet to my email so I can get to work on it (I use Gmail - i.e. Google Mail). I don't have Microsoft Office on my computer at home, so I was going to wait til I got to work to open the attachment. WELL... gmail offers the option to open the file with "Google documents." I click it to see what it's all about and come to find that it is amazing!

     The document opens in an online file. Nothing is saved on my hard drive; it is all floating there in cyber-space. The cool thing is both J and myself can work on the file at the same time and see each other's changes in real time! It is brilliant. Not only that, but we can invite more people to help on the project if we wanted to AND invite people to just look at the document (but not be able to alter it).

     This is going to cut our time on the project in half. It's fan-friggin-tastic.

July 14, 2007

This Blog is Rated PG

     After surfing a bit this evening in preparation for my little project with The OFC Top 100, I got distracted by interesting looking stories and links and have come to find a site that knows the rating of every blog out there. According to them...

Here is the criteria they give as to why I'm rated PG...
"This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
poop (2x) assholes (1x)"

     Now while I'm sure this may be accurate in the last few months, I know for a fact that if you check the archives for this blog, there are more than a couple F-bombs (which by the MPAA would make this an "R" rated blog after two F-bombs) and some other profanities.

     Oh well, I can live with PG. It gives me a higher readership and keeps me within the blogger "ring" of blogs that are connected.

July 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Childhood Hero

     Indiana Solo Kimble turns 65 today. More proof that not only is he getting older, but so am I. Happy birthday Harrison and thanks for entertaining us for the last 40 years. I'm looking forward to Indy IV next year. Here's hoping.

Halo 3


July 09, 2007


     Even if I can't spell the title of this post correctly, I am one. I've started selling t-shirts at MoviePatron.com. They're incredibly lame and WAY too expensive, but help me not get evicted by buying one today. The one with the face on it is my friend Scott. He's damn excited to have a shirt with his likeness on it.

Monday is Looking Up

     There's not much to look forward to on a Monday morning. But when you've got your mom's leftover Rice Pudding (yes, it deserves capital letters) for lunch, things start to look a little more chipper. And no, you can't have any.

Frantic Movie Addict

     With my nominations due this week for the OFC Top 100 Films of all time project, I'm frantically trying to see about six films I've never seen that might need to be included in my nominations. They include:

12 Angry Men
Broadcast News
The Bicycle Thief
The Apartment

     I should have them all finished by Sunday, which is the deadline for nominations.

     Before this, I finished off North by Northwest (great movie BTW) and Soylent Green. I doubt I'll nominate the latter, but most certainly the former. I'll post my noms here once they're done and the final list of the entire Online Film Community (OFC) when the scores have been tallied.

July 02, 2007

Man Destroys Peacock Vampire

from the AP
     A peacock that roamed into a fast-food restaurant parking lot was attacked by man who vilified the bird as a vampire, animal-control authorities said.

     Beaten so fiercely that most of his tail feathers fell out, the bird was euthanized, said Richard Gentles, a spokesman for the city's Center for Animal Care and Control.
"It's just unbelievable that someone would do something to a poor, defenseless animal and do it in such a cruel fashion," he said.

     The peacock, a male several years old, wandered into a Staten Island Burger King parking lot and perched on a car hood Thursday morning. Charmed employees had been feeding him bread when the man appeared.

     He seized the iridescent bird by the neck, hurled it to the ground and started kicking and stomping the creature, said worker Felicia Finnegan, 19.

     "He was going crazy," she said.

     Asked what he was doing, she said, the attacker explained, "'I'm killing a vampire!"'

     Employees called police, but the man ran when he saw them. Authorities were looking for the attacker, described as being in his teens or early 20s.

     It was not clear how the bird made his way to the Burger King, but a Staten Island resident who raises peacocks said he had given some to a person who lives near the restaurant.

Dramatic Chipmunk