June 22, 2005


Here is a weird and unexplainable picture I just happened to come across:

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June 03, 2005

New Toys for Me

     Hell yes! I no longer have to shave in the shower with one of those annoying, really irritating, time consuming "real" razors. I bought myself an electric razor from Remington that retails for $80, but I got it for $17 on ebay...BRAND NEW! Nice.

     But even better than that, I just got a BRAND NEW 40GB COLOR iPod photo for $50 less than the 30GB iPod retails for. Plus, the 40GB version comes with a docking station for desktops, and the new 30 and 60 GB models do not. Plus, plus, the guy threw in a free iTrip so I can play the music in my car; and since my CD player has been broken for a couple of months, you can imagine my excitement.

     On the minus side, I'm broke as hell....but at least I got tunes!

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