November 21, 2005


     My plan was to buy my tickets early for a local show. That way, it is supposed to be $2 cheaper per ticket. But because Ticketmaster charges an extra $1.50 building charge and a $5.85 convenience charge, it is actually cheaper to buy my tickets at the door for the extra $2. I know it's old news that TM sucks, but I needed to rant a little anyway. I could send them an email, but they would send one back to me that says, "We make billions in revenue every year. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha."

What a bunch of rehabs.

November 16, 2005

Pet Peeve of the Day

     After the phone on the other end of the line rings and rings and finally the voicemail picks up:

"Hi, this is Bill, I'm not available to take your call. Just leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks and have a good day."

     Then, there should be a beep. But nowadays, 98% of all voicemail messages include instructions on how to leave a voicemail by some lady's pre-recorded voice. Something to the effect of:

[long pause]
"If you'd like to leave a message, speak your message clearly at the tone, then hang up..."
[followed by more boring instructions]

GOD I HATE THAT. I'm in a hurry dammit! But thanks for telling me again how to leave a message beeatch, I've only been doing it since I was 4.

November 15, 2005

Last Night

     On my way home last night, I listened to "November Rain" in my car.

November 07, 2005

Sith DVD

     I just needed to make a comment about the new Star Wars DVD: Revenge of the Sith. Besides the great movie, there are some fantastic extras. Particularly of interest is the documentary on what goes into making 60 seconds of the film....WOW! Let me say it again, WOW! Wow. It takes them over an hour and a half just to explain what goes into making that 60 seconds. Imagine how long it took them to make it. I had NO idea what kind of work goes into a n effects shot that gigantic and grand in spectacle. I highly recommend renting this DVD just for this documentary. Even if you're not a Star Wars fan, film fans in general will be interested to see how it all comes together.
     I plan on writing a full review of the DVD's extras and specs on my movie blog. Also, you can check out the review to Episode III, which is my best (and longest) review ever written, at Moviepatron.