September 30, 2006

Renaissance Festival 2006

     So instead of bore you with all the details of drinking and laughing at shows, I thought I'd post probably the best photo I have ever taken. This little girl obviously stopped by the balloon booth and picked herself up a new, snazzy, shape-able balloon. I sat in a pub as it rained and watched this girl (probably about 5 years old) begin to twist and mold her creation as her father was distracted by the music. Did she make a giraffe? No. A hat? No. Maybe it was a poodle? No. All of those things are far from a challenge enough for this little genius. So what did she make you ask?....


September 28, 2006


     I learned something very bad the other day about my waking device. If I press snooze, it gives me an extra 9 minutes before alerting me again that I have a long day ahead of me and I need to get my ass out of bed. However, I found that if I push snooze twice, or three times (or more), it tacks on an additional nine minutes each time I push the button. In other words, if I push the button three times repeatedly, it gives me 27 minutes of more sleep before sounding again.

     This little feature has already gotten me a talking to at work and I don't think I'm a mentally strong enough person to NOT hit that button more than once. Thus, I have to look for a new alarm clock this weekend.



September 26, 2006

I'm Trying to Eat Healthy

Today was pizza day at work. The boss ordered 6 giant pizzas from Pasta & Pizza (my favorite pizza place by far!). It was good, so I ate that for lunch instead of my egg whites, corn, yogurt and rice pilaf. So now I'm bigger. Plus,there was left overs so I took 3 slices home for dinner. I stole a roll of toilet paper.


Soap in a Microwave

Need I say more?



September 22, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

It's gonna be rainy and shitty and cloudy and cold out all weekend.

But guess what? I love that kind of weather. I'm going to the Rennaisance Festival, which although I'm not sure if I just spelled it correctly, is always a blast; especially the Tortuga Twins.

I also got a raise today, which is always a good thing and will permit me to buy that much more alcohol at said festival.

I also got a new credit card today with a huge credit limit. The institution that gave it to me obviously doesn't know me too well; but still, it will be fun to buy things for free.

Have a nice weekend to all 2 of you who read this blog and be sure to check out my podcasts HERE.



September 21, 2006

Don't Knock it til You Try It

I forgot to mention...
Last weekend my mom gave me a peanut butter, lettuce and miracle whip sandwhich. It sounds horrible, but it actually wasn't that bad. Not the greatest thing I've ever eaten, but I would certainly eat another one someday. She apparently loves em. Hey, I'll try almost anything at least once.


Meanwhile, in a Blue State...


September 20, 2006

Twins Post-season

Unless things go horribly wrong in the next two weeks, the Twins are in the play-offs. My sister got tickets for me and I'll be there cheering my favorite professional sports team on to victory and glory.

Come and see me to say hi or punch me in the nads...
Section 105, row 30.

Not the greatest seats I've ever sat in, but I'm more than happy. No head turning to see the plate. Huge plus.


September 14, 2006


     As a huge fan of "Lost," one of my favorite characters is Sawyer. One of the reasons he's on the top of my list of favorite characters is his condescension towards other characters and the nick-names he gives people. Here's a list of nicknames I have come up with off the top of my head. Can you think of more?

Shannon - Sticks
Boone - Metro
Jin - Mr Myagi, Chewie, Mr Sulu (haha!)
Jack - Doc, Dr Doolittle, Dr. Quinn
Lock - Mr. Clean
Kate - Freckles, Sassafrass, Sweet Cheeks
Sun - Bettie, Tokyo Rose
Michael - Han
Charlie - VH1 Has-been
Walt - Short-Round
Hurley - Jabba, Staypuff, Hoss, Jethro
Sayid - Abdul, Al Jazeera, Captain Falafel, Mohammad
Anna Lucia - Ponce de Leon

I'm sure there are way more, but these are the ones I've put together in my head over the last 24 hours.


Update - I just found this site: List of Sawyer's nicknames

September 09, 2006

Trent Tucker Celebrity Charity Golf Tourney

Here's a list of people I came within 5 feet of (or closer) on Saturday afternoon:

Michael Jordan
Scottie Pippen
BJ Armstrong
John Randle
Byron Scott
Phil Gordon
Ed McDaniel
Trent Tucker
Charles Oakley
Jimmy Jam
Greg Willard
and more...


September 01, 2006

"Band of Horses" Makes Me Angry

I see maybe one true music show per month. I only go to the ones that really interest me these days. So when one comes around I want to see, I usually really want to see it. So here we are in September, and the show I want to see is a group called "Band of Horses." They're playing on Labor Day. What!?

Why would an up and coming band want to play the Twin Cities on Labor Day when most of the city (including myself) goes up to the lake for the weekend? Now granted, they are playing later on Monday night, so most people will be back in town by then and could go if they wanted to and weren't exhausted from a long weekend. But not me. I like to make my Labor Day weekend last so I take Tuesdays off from work. So I will NOT be in town and I am NOT happy, so I will NOT get to see them...again (I forgot last time they were in town that I had pre-purchased tickets and forgot to go).

So most of Monday I will be pretty crabby that I don't get to see my current favorite band. I'll be drinking anyway and looking at the lake in despair.