June 29, 2007

Anyone Tried These?

     I just took my first taste and they kick in with a Big Mac flavor and then you get the flame broiled aftertaste so they taste just like a Whopper. Weird, but pretty good.

June 27, 2007

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

     One of the authors from my movie blog wrote this. And he is damn right.

     I don't usually make threats against people but I have to get this off my chest. If Andrew and Kurt don't have Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (Movie Patron Review) as their DVD pick of the week I am going to find out where exactly they live and I shall TP their houses.

Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

     In all serious, my DVD pick for this week (I'm thinking of doing one every week right now) is indeed Behind the Mask. The first thing you should do is go read Andrew's review just so you know I'm not leading you astray, then watch the trailer and finally head out to the store and pick it up today. You won't be disappointed and if you are feel free to come back here and argue with me. I don't think you will feel the need to do that though.

     As a side note: I just have to say how proud I am of myself. I saw someone looking at the DVD in a store at lunch. They put the DVD back but after I told him just how good of movie this really is he decided to buy it.

Whoever You Are...

     Stop sending me text messages. My phone can't display them right now. Don't you read this blog? I've told you before now knock it off!

My Favorite Site of the Week

     Not as good as my movie site, but this is a great concept for a site and it's something Ive touched on my blog before, but this one is almost daily. Nice...


June 20, 2007

LIfe Constantly Gets Better

     $240 to get one's car out of the local impound. Did you know that? Then it's $30 per day that it's in storage.

June 19, 2007

Click Here

     Unbelievable! If you're reading this, you probably have at least some internet experience. The people I deal with on a day to day basis have absolutely ZERO knowledge about the internet. How can one go through life (especially in an office job) these days and have no idea how to put a URL into their address bar at the top of a page? How do you not know that most web addresses have a ".com" following their name? How do you not know what "right-clicking" is? How do you not understand what a browser window is? You can not just type in Sony into the address bar and expect it to magically take you to the contact information for Sony's CEO or the 9600XR HD Television specs. Annoying. People need to spend a little bit of time reading and experimenting on the web. It will take you 10 minutes to get the basics down. Please people, for the love of God, LEARN.

June 18, 2007


     Over the weekend, I got tickets to the Midwest Regional Air Guitar Championships.

What a blast! It was far less serious than I thought; basically just a huge drunk fest. All the contestants were wasted (in fact, the very first guy busted his knee trying to be David Lee Roth and had to be hauled off in an ambulance - ROCK N ROLL!). Most of the people left after the first round and weren't into it, but the ones that stayed were really treated to some fun.

The winner ended up being a chick who could play her air guitar and do backflips at the same time.

Fun stuff. I look forward to hearing about the National championships in NYC later this year and also watch the soon to be released documentary on Air Guitaring called Air Guitar Nation (IMDb). Rock on!

June 13, 2007

If You're Reading This via Facebook, You're Not Reading This

     Just realized that all of these automatically imported blog posts to Facebook don't include images or embedded videos. This may cause a little confusion to readers of this blog through Facebook. So if you are logged into Facebook right now, you can't check out these videoes of a REALLY pissed off cat:

OR the best version of "Video Killed the Radio Star" you've ever seen:

Sucks doesn't it?

More Interesting

     Usually I post just silly stuff. Today I stumbled across this video in regards to subliminal suggestion. We know ads have subliminal messages in them from our Mass Comm. 101 classes right? Well "psychological illusionist" Derren Brown shows a couple of ad execs that the tables can be turned. If this was done in the way it suggests, this is fascinating.

     This kind of thing makes me wonder what kinds of choices all of us make in our daily lives that are affected simply by something we saw or heard (or smelled) earlier in the day. And do these choices affect our lives more significantly than we realize (or DON'T realize to be more accurate)?

Ditched Again

     Yonke and I were supposed to go boating on Sunday but Douty "forgot his phone in the car," so we got ditched. Thanks Momar. Remember those free movie passes I was saving for you? They "fell into the shredder" this morning. Sorry about that.

June 12, 2007

Not the Correct Procedure

The Elevator

     So I took my grandma to the dentist today and got in the elevator at the building. The elevator has no walls. So it's almost like a lift. As you go up the walls move (on three sides) and it seems very dangerous (especially for young kids or pets).

     Anyway, that was my new experience for today. Enjoy your Tuesday.

June 11, 2007

Gay Bomb

     Not sure if these break "the rules" when it comes to chemical warfare, but here's a story about reported types of non-lethal weaponry; investigated then dismissed by the American military.

from BBC:

The US military investigated building a "gay bomb", which would make enemy soldiers "sexually irresistible" to each other, government papers say.

The plan for a so-called "love bomb" envisaged an aphrodisiac chemical that would provoke widespread homosexual behaviour among troops, causing what the military called a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to morale.

Scientists also reportedly considered a "sting me/attack me" chemical weapon to attract swarms of enraged wasps or angry rats towards enemy troops.

A substance to make the skin unbearably sensitive to sunlight was also pondered.

Another idea was to develop a chemical causing "severe and lasting halitosis", so that enemy forces would be obvious even when they tried to blend in with civilians.

In a variation on that idea, researchers pondered a "Who? Me?" bomb, which would simulate flatulence in enemy ranks.

Indeed, a "Who? Me?" device had been under consideration since 1945, the government papers say.

However, researchers concluded that the premise for such a device was fatally flawed because "people in many areas of the world do not find faecal odour offensive, since they smell it on a regular basis".

Brilliant ideas; all of them.

June 08, 2007

Post It

     My new set of post-it notes arrived at work today. I am now freshly supplied. But how cool is it that thay actually came on their own pallette? I took a picture to remember this. not even sure I want to open them.

June 07, 2007


Nice Shirt, Dingleberry

     When I get evicted from my apartment, this will totally be me (minus the lame clothing style)...

I Heart the Mpls. Star Trib (not really)

     Today's front page article just under the fold:

"In Iraq: Rancor is Paralyzing the Government"

Man do I feel bad for those guys. Where's Luke Skywalker when you need him? Still, check out our boys in action who show no fear against such a ferocious creature.

I feel so much safer.