August 30, 2006

August 28, 2006

August 08, 2006

I Love "My Job"

     I had three seperate telephone calls today to ask me movie info. I love it. I had a friend who called to tell me that his showing of "Devil Wears Prada" was cancelled because of a church group taking over the theater to see "Monster House." He wanted to know what he should see instead as he was determined to see a movie on his day off.

     A co-worker called me not five minutes after he had left work to ask what he and his wife should see tonight.

     My best friend called from Florida, gave me a list of titles playing on the hotel, pay-per-view site and said, "Which one dude?"

     Not to mention, just like clockwork every Friday, our sales manager comes to me and wants to what movie he should go to that weekend. I love it.

     Knowing each individual person very well and knowing each circumstance that each of them are in (wants fun, has a wife with him, tired from a long day of work in a foreign city, or is a bit older and needs calming) I was able to prescribe the perfect remedy for each of them. Maybe instead of Drewbacca, I should be known as the film doctor - the only thing I've ever been good at.


P.S. - Check out the boys at They've got some great stories on their site and they planned to mention MoviePatron on their podcast this week. Nice.