January 27, 2006

Good Riddance

     It sucks to lose Wally, but the T-Wolves have finally found the cancer on their team and have gotten rid of it.


     No more dropeed passes. No more missed rebounds. No more dribbling the ball off the knee into the stands. No more "holier than thou" look on his face. No more Kandi-man. No more!!!!

January 18, 2006


"...music. The only international language."
- - Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone)

"Mathematics...the only true universal language."
- - Dr. Ellie Arraoway (Contact)

"The language of film is universal."
- - Kelly Lebrock (independent theater promos)

So who's right? Or are they all right? Or are they all wrong?
I guess the first one is international, not universal, so that's slightly different.
I think the only one who's truly correct is Dr. Arroway.