April 28, 2005

Math Fun

Multiply 37,037 by any single number (1-9), then multiply that number by 3. Every digit in the answer will be the same as that first single number

If you multiply 111,111,111 by 111,111,111, you get 12,345,678,987,654,321.

Fnatastic #9. Mulitply it by ANY number, the digits of the product add up to 9.
9 X 5=45 (4+5=9)
9 X 9=81 (8+1=9)
9 X 37=333 (3+3+3=9)
9 X 145,689=1311201 (1+3+1+1+2+0+1=9)
9 X 65,382,554=588442986 (5+8+8+4+4+2+9+8+6=54 ... 5+4=9)
It always works!

- Movie Patron

Children Left Behind

     So I'm watching a tivo'd episode of "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart last night, and they're talking about schools changing the way they "do business" as to not upset the children and give them a high self-esteem.

     Now I can't remember the lady's name or the book she wrote, but some for instances she mentioned were the removal of red ink in some schools. Red is "angry" and threatening. They now use lavendar. Jon was stunned (as he shuld be), and suggested that while they were at it, teachers could just dribble papers with a little pot pourri as well. Another was getting rid of tag; because in tag, someone is always "it." And being "it" is bad. If you are "it," then you are slower and weaker than the other kids and blah blah blah. Many schools now play "circle of friends" in lieu of tag. What the hell is this? Circle of friends? What a load of bullshit!

     My child (if I ever have one) will go to a school where they are allowed tro play tag at recess. The world outside of school is not a "circle of friends." It is a cut throat world of dog-eat-dog, and playing games like circle of friends and removing red ink from test papers does not prepare a child for the world and life.

     Even Jon Stewart couldn't believe what he was hearing. At the end of the interview he made some crack about maybe some children should be left behind and everyone laughed. Not funny! I've been saying that ever since I heard about Bush's "no child left behind" policy. It sucks and it is rotting our schools even further. Nature insists that some are left behind. That's how the world works. The strong survive and the weak and stupid are left behind. It's called evolution.

     George Bush has put more money into education than any other American President within the same time frame. The "no child left behind act" just puts that money (our tax dollars) into the worng places. Instead of the money going to new computers, higher salaries for teachers, updated libraries, counseling, more science equipment, etc. etc., much of it goes to these "special" children who aren't going to be doing anything but working in a car wash the rest of their lives anyway. Why not spend the money on kids who can use it? The kid with a little potential to maybe study meteorology and learn how to predict where tornadoes are going or something like that?

     The point is we need funding to be appropriated to the right places, and that means leaving some children behind!



     Rick McCallum (Star Wars producer) was at Celebration III and answered questions to fans about a number of things.

      One fan asked the same questions he asked three years ago at Celebration II, about the future of Young Indiana Jones on DVD and Indiana Jones IV. "The DVDs we've been working on them for about two years now, and they should be finished in another two years, because we're doing all of them," said McCallum. "The reason why we're so slow is that it really is just us. We're not giving it to a studio or someone else to do them."

      As for a fourth Indy film, McCallum made mention that Steven Spielberg just saw Episode III on Tuesday ("and gave us a big thumbs up,") and is gearing up to work on another project in Munich. "He is just yearning to be able to do Indy after that. So, if all things go well, and they're all happy with the script, then it will happen."


April 27, 2005

On the Web

Check out this new website I found!!


Its awesome!

April 10, 2005

It's All Over

The Wolves have finally done themselves in. Not mathematically, but realistically they are out of the play-offs. I thought they might do it after winning 7 of 8 last month; but now losing to Denver and being humbled by the worst team in basketball, the Atlanta Hawks.

I mean c'mon, the Hawks are now 12-64. Before playing us last night, they had lost 27 of their last 28 games. Then they embarrassed us. Sadly I won't be watching anymore games this year. I'll wait til next year. Hopefully they'll get rid of all the complainers in the off season, and come back next year stronger than ever.

At first I thought getting rid of Saunders was the right thing to do, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe Phil Jackson will move north and whip our team into shape.


Can I See Your ID?

So what's with these new MN driver's license's? Why is there all this crap on them? They are flimsy, ugly, and girly. I'm ashamed to be carrying this thing around in my wallet.

There are snowflakes all over the place. It has holographic nonsense everywhere, that makes it look like hairs are on it sometimes. Pictures of landmarks that dip right into my beautiful picture, etc...

I don't have a scanner, but just www.Yagoohoogle.com "MN driver license" to see pics of it.