November 15, 2007

The World is Such a Wonderful Place

     Finally! I got to see "Band of Horses." Since I've purchased their debut album almost 18 months ago, I've missed them live three times. Not this time. If I had to go alone, I was going to see them. Brad and Pauly joined the debauchery and it was a grand ol' time. Great set and they played all their greats (although truthfully every song on both albums are fabulous).

Shout out goes to the chick in the red shirt with the red scarf standing right in front of me. Long black hair and black glasses. I have NEVER smelled anything so intoxicating. Seriously... you made the show. You have my card. I am yours. Write to me.

To the BOH: great show. I'll see you next time you're in town.


November 10, 2007

Pet Peve of the Day Vol XII

     Kitchen sinks with no hand soap. Why in the name of Khan Singh would I want to wash my hands with Dawn or Sunrise dish detergent or whatever? Why can't you have some normal Dial or Dove? Something that is for hands, not plates. Thanks.


November 08, 2007

Latest Purchase

     A sweet 32x24 poster of Butch and Sundance:

     Once I get this puppy framed it's gonna look pretty rad.


November 07, 2007

Dear Burnsville,

     Thanks for raising my rent in order to pay for more teachers and facilities even though enrollment is decreasing. 64,000 of us in the community and barely 12,000 showed up to vote. Thanks, dill holes.