March 29, 2008

Think Green

     The only good thing about March in Minnesota: The Shamrock Shake...

March 27, 2008

Spring is Here

     Pot holes would be a lot cooler if they were actually filled with pot. As it stands now, I don't like them and neither does my car.

March 23, 2008

Something that Made Me Smile

     On the way home from my Sunday afternoon cinematic experience, I stopped at a stop light. Across the way, walking to a parking lot was a family: a dad, mother, two younger sons and a teenage daughter.

On the way, one of the boys made up a snowball and drilled his mother in the back of the head. I thought she was going to turn around and scold the boy. Instead she turned around to face him and just laughed. Then it happened... WHAM! She gets nailed by another snowball in the back of the head by her other son. She turns and more snow starts heading her way. Remember, this is all happening around 4pm in the middle of Uptown.

Suddenly the father, who was unlocking the car, realizes what's going on. He heads to the snow bank, packs his own white ball of ammunition and lets loose on the sons who retreat across the parking lot. The daughter then decides to participate and also starts hurling snow balls at her brothers. Mom realizes that she's not helpless and also starts throwing snow. A full fledged snowball fight is now taking place in the middle of a parking lot by an entire family; running and yelling and laughing. White balls of frozen flakes are flying everywhere and it was pretty fun to watch.

Then the light turned green.

God's Abstract Art

     Just entering my garage, this is what I saw outside my driver's side window. It's kind of cool, so I snapped a picture.

click images for hi res version

another angle