September 17, 2004

More Kerry Bashing

     First John Kerry said that the United States went into war all alone without the support of the international community. When it was pointed out that actually over 30 countries have sent troops into Iraq, and many others have pledged their support in other ways, he changed his tune a little. He now says there is a coalition, but it is the coalition of the "coerced and bribed." I'm confused. Which country is it that is coerced and bribed? Britain? Italy? Australia? Japan? France and Germany are the countries who were bribed, and not by us, but by the enemy. Its interesting that we are finding enormous quantities of French-made weapons that were being used by Saddam's regime.
     It is true that President Bush told the international community, "you are either with us, or against us," but I do not think that this could be considered coersion. I do think it is funny however, that (according to one website) Norway has a whopping 10 troops in Iraq.

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Big Scott said...

Let's not forget that the good ole' USA had supplied Iraq and Afghanistan with weapons at one time. This happens with all countries at one time or another based on what their current interest is.