September 09, 2004

Anti-Bush Protestors Hurt Kerry

     Once again, BIll O'Reilly explains, more eloquently than I, exactly how I feel about political isues. This time, about the NYC protestors during the Republican national convention. Every time the far left open their collective mouths, I feel less and less inclined to vote for Kerry. These are the people who support Kerry? They are insane and have a warped view of the world. It's OK to disagree with policies and actions of the Bush or any administration. But have some facts to back up your beliefs, and hate mongering and name-calling WILL NOT HELP YOUR CAUSE. At least not with me. Here is an excerpt from one of Bill O'Reilly's many smart articles:

      "...The people protesting the Republican Convention also helped Mr. Bush. With more than a thousand arrests, some cops badly injured, and innocent people harassed, the protestors are looked upon as fanatical and irrational by many Americans. And some of them are. A survey by The New York Sun newspaper found protestors favored a socialistic government more than any other. That kind of attitude is not a help to Senator Kerry.

      Increasingly, the visible anti-Bush forces are defining themselves as way out there. A new Zogby poll found that almost half of New York City residents believe some in the Bush administration knew the USA would be attacked on 9/11, and did nothing to stop it. Of course, there's not a shred of verifiable evidence backing up that insane belief. New York City is overwhelmingly anti-Bush, and the rest of country is noticing the caliber of criticism. If I were making a movie about the irrational Bush haters, I would entitle it "Night of Living Dumb."

      The fundamental problem with the anti-Bush zealots is that they desperately want to believe the President is a bad man, and will reject all rational discussion that goes against their thesis. That kind of fanaticism frightens mainstream American voters and creates sympathy for the President. Irrational displays will never win an election. Ask Howard Dean.

      A few months ago, I wrote in this space that John Kerry would not be seen in public with the likes of Michael Moore and the other far left bomb throwers, and that has proven to be true. Mr. Kerry knows he must convince centrist voters to support him if he wants to win, and radicals like Moore alienate the center.

      If you still don't believe me, consider this: Fox News and your humble correspondent have come under horrific attack from the radical left. But every time a smear book or movie comes out defaming us, our ratings go up. My television program "The O'Reilly Factor" easily won its timeslot in the cable news wars during the Democratic Convention, and we beat the opposition three to one during the Republican gathering. The more the crazies tell Americans that I am unfair and unbalanced, the more people tune in. Where do I send the gift?"

      This is not a pro-Bush article by the way, O'Reilly is simply stating that these protestors leave the average tax-paying American wondering, "are these the kind of people that support Kerry? I don't want to 'hang' with these people do I?" Since Kerry seems to be doing a very poor job in clearly explaining his position on various issues, the people are left to only see what the Kerry supporters say; and this is dangerous for the senator.

Add on (2 hours later):
     A conservative radio show I was listening to about a month ago was discussing this very issue: the hate mongering and mean spirit of far leftists. One of the issues being discussed was how cars displaying Bush bumper stickers are being vandalized (sometimes severely), all across the country, while this is never a complaint of car owners bearing the Kerry/Edwards stickers. I took this with a grain of salt as it was a conservative talk show, and most of the callers and listeners were conservative.
     That all changed not 30 minutes ago. I pulled into a local discount store to pick up my girlfriend who was shopping. The police were near the front door with a man in custody. Naturally, out of curiosity, I pulled into a parking spot close enough to hear what was going on. As I pulled into the spot, the police and a young couple began to walk in my direction. They stopped at a huge, very expensive gas guzzling SUV right next to me. The couple pointed out to the police the very large squiggly scratch that extended twice from one end of their automobile to the other. One of the officers examining the damage began to walk around to the other side of the vehicle. As he rounded the rear of the vehicle, he announced, and I quote, "A-ha! Motive established. We never get calls about cars with Kerry stickers, but this happens all the time." He then pointed to the Bush/Cheney sticker adorning the rear window.
     This just re-inforces my belief that ultra-left people who accuse Bush of destroying this country (which may or may not be true) are hypocrites, and have lesser social values than the rest of us. I rest my case.


Big Scott said...

Yeah, we "leftists" are so hateful. Let's recap shall we. In the eight years Clinton was president the american taxpayer was charged eighty million dollars to investigate whether or not the Clintons lost money on a bad land deal, whether a man named Vince Foster actually committed suicide, if a woman named Monica nailed the President. The republicans constantly attacked Clinton about his "Intern" while some of the people going after him were proven to be having extra-marital relationships themselves. I didn't hear a lot from FOX news channel then about how wrong it was that we were spending all this money to go after Clinton. People should have the right to protest during a convention without being called socialists and fanatics. I saw widowed women and newly childless mothers and fathers there. These people are "fanatics"? There are 1005 broken homes today because of Bush and Cheney. I disagree that Kerry is doing a bad job explaining his views on the issues. Any american can get off his or her fat@#* and go to to and inform themselves on the issues. You can't be informed on any issue through a TV ad or a 15 second soundbite on the nightly news! Americans have to start accepting some responsibilty for who they put in office.

Anonymous said...

The previous commentor obviously missed the point of the blog. The blogger (Bird?) did not accuse ALL of the protestors of being fanatical. (S)he mentioned that the average person doesn't see the redulars on the street. Your eye is drawn to the "weird" looking ones, and the news you get is of the arrests and poor behavior. Of course the news wont report nothing happened. They want to report the bad stuff that draws attention, thus implicating the protestors as fanatical, thus reflecting poorly on John Kerry.

Second, sure lots of government officials have had extra marital affairs (which is not illegal), but none of them lied about it on national television to the American people, and none of them lied to congress and a hearing about it either.

The thing about the bumper stickers is kind of weird. Ive never heard about this before.

Big Scott said...

I never accused the blogger of labelling anyone, I was responding to the Oreilly quotes. Maybe someone else missed the point of the blog.

Anonymous said...

How come it trickles back to Clinton, "ooooo it was heaven when Clinton was in office because he was a Democrat". People are happy when they are fat and relaxed, just like a big old dog. The internet had taken off and made people money, there was no attack on US soil causing the stock market to crash even farther than the dot com crash, and Clinton had this Monica thing holding Americas attention while he ignored thousands of people being slaughtered in Rowanda.
For some reason Kerry supporters think it will be back to fat and lazy happy days again when he gets in office.