September 13, 2004


     "Cellular" is the story of a woman, Kim Bassinger (Batman, LA Confidential), who is kidnapped by some men, and while they are not looking, able to fix the broken phone just well enough to dial a random number and ask for help. The poor young man who answers (Chris Evans) on his cell phone is thrust into a wild afternoon of car racing, gun shooting, and treachery. Intense action and a fun ride, "Cellular" provides a wild albeit predictable experience. Throughout, the usual annoying problems arise. Unbelieving police, annoyingly stupid people in the way, and of course poor cell phone connections at just the wrong time. On the other hand, there are many convenient outs for the young man. Example: there is one scene where there just happens to be a long construction tube just big enough for a man to fit in, leading from a roof top, that just happens to end in a pile of nice soft foam carpet pieces. Hmm. What could this be used for?
     Although absolutly ridiculous, and I would not recommend spending nine bucks on this one, I still enjoyed myself, and was immersed in the action, and found myself tensing up now and again. Kim Bassinger's performance was well done, however I can't believe she signed on to this one, considering the other actors' status in Hollywood. They aren't nobodies, but they aren't superstars either (save for William H. Macy). Her career must be slowing down a bit. Enough rambling. Wait for the rental some night, when you are bored.
2.5 out of 4

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