September 01, 2004


     In comparison to other reviewers, I have realized that I am not so articulate at explaining why I like or don't like a certain feature. Still, people often call me or email me wanting to know about certain films. Have I seen them, will I see them, what did I think, or simply, "what was the name of that movie with that one guy?" Anyway, because of that reason, I will continue to tell you what's good, what's not good, and what you should spend your money on...just like the democrats (sorry, had to get that in there). So here goes...a brand new movie review.
     Saw Hero (aka Ying xiong) last night, and I have to say, it was very good. This will be an easy review to give. The scenery and color contrasts were gorgeous. In fact, it's the shots that make the movie. Watch the trailer to see exactly what I mean. The larger the screen you see this movie on, the better. The martial arts scenes were well choreographed and executed, and the storyline was generally interesting. The entire film was very similar to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. If you liked that film, you will love Hero. Simple as that. I like to try to avoid telling people what the movie is about, and I will continue that tradition here. Different versions of the main storyline are revealed throughout the movie, and at times it is slightly hard to follow, but it progresses smoothly. The entire film is a testament to the ideals held by people, concerning which is more important; the good of the many, or the good of the one.
     Again, I really enjoyed the film. Having said all the good things about it, I would like to state the not-so-good things. I felt that, as beautiful as it was, the director was trying too hard. It was as though he was trying to out-do Crouching Tiger; and by attempting to do so, dismantled the overall storyline a bit. There was also nothing new or refreshing about the movie. The same Matrix-esque style fighting, and Ang-Lee scenery. Basically, although I enjoyed the film very much, and I recommend it to all, I left the theater feeling just unsatisfied. Oh...and one last thing, the film is in Chinese. Therefore, you are forced to read subtitles. I wouldn't let that influence you, but some people are very turned off by subtitles.
     So, out of 5 Chinese throwing stars, I give this film 4 kills and a miss.

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