June 17, 2006

A New Kind of Review

     As you may or may not know, Crest has released some new and interesting flavors of toothpaste known as "Whitneing Expressions" and I've been interested in them for weeks. But I didn't want to buy an entire tube of lemon flavored toothpaste only to find that it sucks and that I'm stuck with it for the next several months.

     But yesterday I noticed they have released a variety pack so you can try out all of the new flavors in small tubes before settling on just one and using it for weeks. So here is a very short review of each new flavor...

Cinnamon Rush
Not all that much different from Close-Up or any other cinnamon flavored toothpaste. However, it is slightly more intense and "stinging." In short, it's good. Like a strong cinnamon flavored chewing gum basically.

Extreme Herbal Mint
Really not a lot to say. It's a minty toothpaste not unlike any other spearmint toothpaste. Maybe a bit more intense. This goes the best with my after brushing mouthwash.

Lemon Ice
Here we are getting into something new. This paste tastes a lot like lemon meringue. It was the first of the four I tried yesterday and it was good, but definitely different. It seemed to get slightly syrup-y in my mouth by the end. But still, it was an intersting feeling to brush your teeth with pie filling.

Refreshing Vanilla Mint
Have you ever brushed your teeth with candy? That's what this was like. It tastes good, but the after taste in my mouth was, not surprisingly, vanilla-y for hours until I ate something. Plus, if I were to use mouthwash afterwards, it would have to be a vanilla mouthwash or I'd have a very unpleasant experience inside my mouth. I think this would be a good choice for those of you with kids who don't like to brush their teeth.

~ Drewbacca

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