March 18, 2009

The Bus Blog - Episode 4: Green Day

     Because of the whole "green thing", after 6pm on St Patrick's Day, Metro Transit allowed anyone who wanted to to ride for free. Well, St. Patrick's Day just happened to fall on a day where I work at my second job this year. So when I went home at 9pm, every yahoo in the city and their brother was on the bus. It stunk, it was crowded and the people looking for a free ride were, shall we say, less than desirable. I think I'll take a cab next time it is "green" day.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I'm all for the environment and all that shit, and really think we need to lessen our dependency on cars - but I couldn't do that. There isn't enough time in the day as it is and spending so much extra time just to get somewhere would be frustrating beyond belief for me.

But kudos, my friend! I'm proud of ye.