November 27, 2006

Mind Numbing

     Election '08 is far in the distance, yet numbers, predictions and bank accounts are already being secured for possible candidates in the race. I came across an interesting poll from Financial Dynamics that tries to figure out who would win the election if it were held today (actually, about two weeks ago).

     The numbers for republicans and democrats I couldn't really care less about as anything can happen in the next 24 months and as we know, polls are highly unreliable. What is more interesting is the number of people who don't know who these candidates are. Shocking and remarkable.

     You can click on the link above to see table after table of data, but these are the numbers that took me by surprise: possible candidate and the percentage of people (out of 1005 registered voters) WHO HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THE PERSON - -

Rudy Giuliani - - 10%
Condoleezza Rice - - 4%
John McCain - - 10%
Newt Gingrich - - 12%
Mitt Romney - - 48%
Sam Brownback - - 61%
Duncan Hunter - - 69%

Hilary Clinton - - 0%
Al Gore - - 0%
Barack Obama - - 34%
John Kerry - - 2%
John Edwards - - 16%
Joe Biden - - 36%

     These registered voters make me sad. We live in a world now where one can totally isolate themselves from the real world. You want to watch movies 24/7 (like me)? You can. If you want to immerse yourself in sports and leisure, we got it. You have unlimited amounts of addictive porn and adult chat rooms on the internet. Our society has hundreds of channels on cable and satellite to fill your time and brain with crap.

     I admit I didn't know who Sam Brownback and Duncan Hunter are either, but 10% of registered voters (in this sample) don't know who Rudy Giuliani is!? 34% don't know Barack Obama? Or even worse, 20 REGISTERED VOTERS (out of 1000) have no idea who John Kerry is. I beg everyone, turn off "Dancing with the Goddamn Stars" and watch CNN once in a while. How can we have a democratic society and an informed populace when only 40% of voters go out and vote in an election and a small percentage of those voters don't even know who Condoleeza Rice is? You don't need to know everything, but for God sake, inform yourself once in a while and pick up a news paper (even reading the NY Times would be better that no paper at all) and learn who Joe Biden is. This information makes me angry and sad. I hope the numbers are incorrect, but they probably aren't.


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