November 30, 2006

The Day the Music Died

     My sister just sent me word that the popular, LEGAL, Russian website,, will soon be closing its e-doors. Hence, no more wonderful music that rivals giants like iTunes and Wal-Mart in quality and price (by far). This will be a huge blow to my music collection and ulitmately my pocketbook. I refuse to be gouged by the record companies and pay $17 for a CD that costs very little to produce. I know there are a lot of chunks in the payable pie of what goes into producing an album, but I care little. I want my music cheap and fast and was the best way to get that accomplished. I guess trips to the library are in my future.

     I am extremely saddened and yes, my day has been ruined.

     You can read the full article HERE, and I encourage anyone who has a remaining balance on their account with, to use it up and collect as much music as you can before they are gone for good. Hopefully they'll still be open on Saturday and I will spend the afternoon getting everything I can.


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