September 01, 2006

"Band of Horses" Makes Me Angry

I see maybe one true music show per month. I only go to the ones that really interest me these days. So when one comes around I want to see, I usually really want to see it. So here we are in September, and the show I want to see is a group called "Band of Horses." They're playing on Labor Day. What!?

Why would an up and coming band want to play the Twin Cities on Labor Day when most of the city (including myself) goes up to the lake for the weekend? Now granted, they are playing later on Monday night, so most people will be back in town by then and could go if they wanted to and weren't exhausted from a long weekend. But not me. I like to make my Labor Day weekend last so I take Tuesdays off from work. So I will NOT be in town and I am NOT happy, so I will NOT get to see them...again (I forgot last time they were in town that I had pre-purchased tickets and forgot to go).

So most of Monday I will be pretty crabby that I don't get to see my current favorite band. I'll be drinking anyway and looking at the lake in despair.


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