December 29, 2004

Motley Crue

     Motley Crue is back! It's the original members back again finally! They're touring the US this spring and summer and I wil try to attend. Ticket prices are outrageous for an over-the-hill hair band. There is also a recorded album on the way as well.
     Just heard the new Motley single on the radio. It's only mediocre by hard rock standards. They are trying to sound like newer rock bands like Nickelback, Puddle of Mud, or Limp Bizkit. They should just be themselves and it would work out fine. I'm sure it's because Tommy Lee has a bigger influence on the music these days than does Nikki Sixx. Plus Vince's voice isn't what it used to be.
     They were the final act at the Video Game Awards this year and rocked with the now classic "Girls, Girls, Girls." But their encore of Dr. Feelgood was one of the worst performances I've ever heard. Vince Neil started singing two measures too late, so was off with the rest of the band. The band tried to compensate, but the recorded backing vocals kicked in when they were supposed to, so everything turned into a cluster f-bomb. It was very Ashley Simpson ala SNL like.
     Still, it warms my heart to see my favorite junior high band alive and kicking. See you all on the Wild Side!

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Anonymous said...

"Still, it warms my heart to see my favorite junior high band alive and kicking."

I believe you meant to say your favorite HIGH SCHOOL band.

drewbacca said...

Ummm... nope. I meant JUNIOR high. By the time I was in high school I was into Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and The Black Crowes.

Crue and Poison were junior. If it wasn't for them, I might be dead now.